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“I have been wearing the Bracelet now for one week as well as drinking structured water(Tri-Vortex water disc as well as the Water Bottle). I have noticed that my wrist doesn’t hurt at all doing the Planking exercise during training as well as having much more energy during training than before. I am also able to push myself much harder with less pain than before. As a Bonus I have also realized that I don’t wake up with bags underneath my eyes anymore. This is amazing that I have less pain in my body & I feel amazing!.”
Bateng Motshwane

Amazing Effects on Humans as well as Animals!

I have a "frozen shoulder" It was so bad that dressing myself become a challenge. I attaching the vitality disc to my clothes close to my shoulder for one day. The next day I was almost pain free and was able to start stretching my shoulder. It is now three days later and the improvement is unreal! I just did my first push-up in months!
At first I was skeptical, but having used the wrist bands, pendant and water disc amongst the other Vitality products, I can honestly say I am amazed. I just feel more energized and my pain is less. I recommend the products wholeheartedly.To add, I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, so will recommend this to others who battle with side effects from cancer treatments or even just the effects of the debilitating disease.
“Tri-Vortex has done wonders for my pets. I placed a Tri-Vortex disc on the collar of Juno, my Rottweiler, Collie cross. He was a large dog, that suffered with hip and joint problems. The difference Tri-Vortex made was phenomenal. It added 3 good years to his life. He did not suffer with pain like he had in the past and I was able get him off Rimadyl, a pain killer for dogs”​
“My daughter has suffered from migraines from 17 years of age to 43. She is now free of migraines totally and has never been happier in her life. No more drugs!.”​
Coralie Orme
The parcel arrived on my desk this morning. Thanks for all your help and great advice on the products. You have been a star!
Rabesh Sukrajh
When a cell becomes frantic it causes pain. so with a vitality disc we can calm the vibration and magically pain recedes. My nerve pain in my arm was unbearable, thank heavens I found the Vitality Disc. Now my arm is much better. Full use of my arm again. Thanks to Vitality disc.
It is with great delight that I write this testimonial for the Tri-Vortex disc. As a cyclist I have participated in the Argus cycling race a few times, but this year I tried something different. I was introduced to the Tri-Vortex disc and I thought I would wear it during the Argus cycle race this year. Well, I was really surprised that I did my best time ever and that my knees had almost no pain afterwards (normally they are very sore after such a long race). From an athlete’s perspective, the effects of the Tri-Vortex discs are very beneficial and I am now convinced that this is a magnificent product – If this product is marketed correctly, every athlete will have one – I am convinced of that.
Bev page
During 2008 February Anna gave me one disc and I bought more afterwards - I fixed it with a clear plaster to my pulse and since then the pain gradually disappeared and did not come back - only when I am not fixing the disc for a few days..... I am using it on my neck area as well - also have years of pain in my neck, due to computer work and degeneration in my spine and neck - it is a wonderful pain solution MUCH better that taking anti inflammatory pills morning noon and night!
Heleen van Zyl
Before I fell pregnant, I wore a Tri-vortex disk for various aches and pains, and experienced great relief. So when I fell pregnant, and could not take conventional pain killers, I thought would try the Tri-vortex disks again. In my 7th month of pregnancy, I experienced acute back ache in vertebrae L4 and L5, which radiated down the right-hand side of my leg. I wore a disk continuously to relieve the pain. Although the pain never went away completely, it was drastically reduced. If I took the disk off, the pain returned to its normal strength. One morning, I experienced pain in my psoas muscle - in my front left inguinal area- so I decided to put the disk over the pain. In addition to the pain being relieved, a strange thing happened: the baby, who had been lying on the right hand side of my uterus with her head down, turned towards the disk after 10 mins, and lay on the left side of my uterus – the ideal position for natural delivery. I was curious and so tried wearing the Tri-vortex disk in the same place on 5-6 separate times thereafter (each time, my baby was lying on my right to start with). Each time I wore the disk in this place, she changed position and moved her head towards the disk. I do not know how this works, and am curious to know if other mothers-to-be would experience the same effect from wearing the Tri-vortex disk in this position. Could babies in a breech position, for instance, be encouraged to move into the ideal position for birth in this same way??
Dr Heidi van Loggenberg
I put a pet disk on our spaniel, Mr. Nyles, because in his old age his back legs were conking out literally, if he jumped up onto his hind legs they would just slide out from underneath him. He stopped jumping up at all. We were helping him onto the couch and onto the bed – it had even gotten to the point we were putting water in a bowl in the bathroom for him (he used to jump up on the sink and drink from the tap – he would wake someone up if he was thirsty ‐ no skin off his nose.) I can’t tell you exactly when the change happened but he has been jumping onto the bed by himself for a while and yesterday when I got home from worked he jumped up on me when I opened my car door. He is ten in human years and his sight is not what it once was, but I have noticed that he isn’t walking into things that “shouldn’t be there” like an open dishwasher door or chair that has been moved away from a table, as much as he did before he had the disk.
Taryn Gurr
I have a Tri-Vortex disc in the dogs water bowl inside the house. I have three pavement pedigrees. They don't like to drink the water outside they wait to get in the house to drink this water. Jethro, my Pit-bull, Bull Terrier cross, sticks his entire snout into the water bowl to get the Tri-Vortex disc, which he then takes to his bed and sleeps on it. He obviously knows the power of the disc.
I have a little professional health shop-cum-practice in Clarens (that is in the stunningly beautiful mountainous area of the eastern Free State), which, despite the numerical smallness of the local population, is doing a roaring trade. If you are ever down this way, do call in - my business is right on the main square - Glen Lyon Health. I am writing this to share some truly wonderful information that came my way in October 2003. For many years I have suffered with a very painful limp, as my left foot became deformed after an accident and my knees suffered crippling osteo-arthritis from old injuries. After my double arthroscopy in '95, I still relied on natural anti-inflammatories (Glucosamine, Chondroitin and others) to keep me pain-free. These usually worked pretty well, but if I missed a day, boy did I suffer! Fortunately, even though I do all the "wrong" things to myself, I have always been physiologically very healthy (as we all know, a good attitude also plays a huge role). Anatomically, however, I am body-beautiful challenged (I mean, that's the least of my worries in itself, but for the pain!). To cut a long story short, a gentleman by the name of Anton Ungerer wandered into my shop in October 2003, and we got chatting about all sorts of things. He was on holiday with his family. The conversation wandered on to the importance of (quality) hydration and pain relief. He popped out to fetch something from his boot, and produced a rather ordinary looking thin stainless steel disc (called at Tri-Vortex disc) 45mm in diameter and proceeded to explain its properties. Now, I'm pretty skeptical about 'new-fangled' contrivances, but something made me say to him, "OK, I'll buy a disc, but I'm not going to sell it or even talk to anybody about it before I am completely satisfied that it works, and mine's a pretty tough case." Well, let me tell you what happened next. I stuck the disc with a little strip plaster onto my left knee, which was particularly painful after standing in the shop all day. Now the loo (believe me this is relevant) is situated down a flight of steps in our shopping centre, and I always walked sideways crab-style down the steps as it was always painful bending my knees to go forwards. Anyway, after half-an-hour of wearing the disc, I needed to go to the loo. It was a particularly busy day and I had lots of distractions. So, I ran down to the loo with some urgency. Yes, you read right. Without even thinking about it, I literally ran down the steps. When I realized what had happened I also realized that my pain had lessened considerably! I also remembered Anton’s advice on drinking water, and this is highly relevant to my story. I have been telling people for years about the necessity of drinking plenty of water, but tended not to heed my own advice as much as I should, as I am not a thirsty person by nature. I have to discipline myself to drink water. As you have read in the technological section about the Tri-Vortex disc, the impregnated energies magnify and duplicate the element of oxygen by up to 140%. Now, as water contains two parts oxygen to one part hydrogen, any increase in water intake will enhance the efficacy of the disc. That evening on returning home I discovered my cat had been badly injured by a dog. His heel had been bitten right through and was swollen to twice its normal size. He was completely immobilized. I applied some balm to the wound and cuddled him in my lap with the disc tucked under his heel for about an hour or so. I left him on the couch and went to bed. The next morning I couldn’t find him and feared the worst. I ran my bath water and as I stepped into the bath, he came bouncing in and jumped up onto the ledge, as is his usual habit. The swelling had gone down completely and he was back to his normal self! Our neighbour raises pigs, and one day she discovered a rather crippled piglet that had been sat upon by his mum. She took the piglet and put him in a cat cage overnight together with the disc between him and the mat. The next day the little piglet was bouncing around as normal. (They have since kept him as a special pet around the yard and he now believes firmly that he is a dog!) My brother-in-law is an even bigger skeptic than I am. He injured his knee while doing some DIY around the house and reluctantly agreed to try the disc, pooh-poohing it totally. He ‘phoned me, cap in hand, and said, “It galls me to admit this and took some effort to ‘phone you, but I have to tell you that the thing worked, and the pain has gone.” Goes to show, that even if you don’t believe it works, it does! Back to my own story, I decided to experiment with my Glucosamine capsules and for the first week I reduced my dosage from two to one capsule per day, while wearing the disc. I didn’t notice any difference. I then decided to stop the capsules altogether, and still no difference. In other words, from the moment I started wearing the disc to now, I have been pain-free. OK, I have experienced the odd ache when I have extended myself, but pain, no. As I gained confidence from my own and family’s experiences, I found quite quickly that I could sell the disc to patients and customers and, also quite quickly, found people interested in becoming agents under me. The word is gradually spreading and I am getting more and more repeat orders as their family members and friends “can’t do without one”.
Dr Lynda Martin
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