What Is Structured Water

What is structured water and why is it so vitally important to our general health & well being!

Water disc in a glass of water

Structure water with Tri-Vortex water disc

Structured water

A Real Success - Structuring & Enhancement of drinking water

In the universe, in nature and in our bodies, systems only function normally when there is structure. For optimal hydration at cellular level in the body, it is desirable to present cells with structured water – chaotic water cannot support optimal hydration of the cells.

How the Tri-Vortex Disc affects crystalization of Pure Laboratory grade water

Photographs by Dr Masaru Emoto of Japan

Observe the lack of structure in the normal laboratory water – Picture on Left 

The pictures on the Right and in the middle, are of the same laboratory water that was treated with  Tri-Vortex products for up to 3 minutes.

water molecule


laboratory RO Water

Water structured with a Tri-Vortex Green Water Disc

Same RO Water
treated for 30 sec
with Tri-Vortex Green Laser

Water structured with the Tri-Vortex Green laser

Same RO Water after
standing on a Tri-Vortex Disc
for 3 min


Crystalline structural changes were observed in water exposed to the the Tri-Vortex Disc.

Similar observations were made when observing the crystalline structure of salt dissolved in Tri-Vortex treated water.

Starting from the basic idea that metals give up electrons, it is possible to conclude that the Tri-Vortex Disc energetically charges the water (or any other liquid in contact with it).

Possibly the liquid will acquire curing properties. Long term treatments or exposure to a Tri-Vortex disc should have positive effects on cell metabolism  – such as:

  • improving the tissular absorption (intense hydration) by reducing the superficial tension of the water  – bringing its value near to extra cellular liquid superficial tension;

  • the neutralization of free radicals.

Correct Hydration is the foundation to all good health - and using Tri-Vortex will help achieve that goal.