Stainless Steel Straws

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Tri-Vortex Treated Stainless Steel Straw Set

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Stainless Steel & Food-Grade Silicone Straw Set

Available in a refreshing range of colours, this set is the perfect, sustainable alternative to single-use plastic straws.
Packaged in a convenient and compact tube you can take your Kooshty Slurp Straw wherever you go.


  • two Kooshty straws: 22 ( h )
  • brush cleaner: 20 ( h )

Treated in the Tri-Vortex chamber

These stainless steel Straws have been treated in the Tri-Vortex Chamber.

For maximum benefit, place the straw in your glass and leave for approximately 3 minutes to restructure liquid  

Perfect Gift

These straws are the perfect gift. Not only is it an environmentally freindly item but it will also structure the liquid you are drinking and therefore will improve the taste of whatever you are drinking.



What is Tri-Vortex

It’s a bio-mimicry process that imparts naturally optimized resonances into materials It is safe, green & natural with more than 20 years of developement

Tri-Vortex treatment process turn:

  • Ordinary items into unique & novel items
  • Take good products & make them great
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