Shungite Bracelet 6mm



Shungite is a unique rock of silica and carbon rock. Its uniqueness stems from the presence of hollow molecular carbon cages known as fullerenes embedded within the rock. Fullerenes (also called buckyballs) look like soccer balls – molecular hexagons and pentagons bound together in a hollow cage or tube.

Bead size is 6mm
Ladies has With 32 beads
Men’s bracelet has 34 beads

Shungite stone has two properties in the fight against EMF radiation absorption and dispersion of EMF waves

Shungite is an EMF protector stone, it is a natural composite that has the properties of absorption and dispersion of EMF waves. These protective properties are associated with its unusual structure. The structure of Shungite is a quartz matrix (made of silicon dioxide) inside which carbon flakes are scattered. This is a special carbon of the highest allotropic form containing fullerenes and other nanoparticles. In addition, the quartz matrix is doped with micro-sized metals. With these properties, Shungite lends itself as an excellent EMF protector.

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Shungite Bracelet 6mm

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