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Geo Fusion Green Laser treated with Tri-Vortex Technology


How to use the Green Laser

Treat your drinking water or liquids by shining the laser into the liquid for about 1 minute – from top of container onto the surface of the liquid it greatly enhances the quality and taste of the liquid. If used for pain relief, shine the laser onto pain area for approx 2 minutes – repeat a few times a day if required. Other lasers can NOT do what this one can – if it is not marked “geoFusion”, it is NOT recommended for treating of water and for pain relief.

Tri-Vortex treated – The focused laser beam is what carries the subtle energy and makes this Green Laser the premium geoFusion product. Many people have reported fast relief from discomfort, soreness, swelling and pain

The special design allows for continuous use with no overheating and this is ideal since no chaos is transferred into the body or liquids.

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The Technology behind The Green Laser

It is common knowledge that all physical things are made up of atoms and molecules that move or vibrate (frequency), and everything vibrates at their own frequency.
Every Cell in our body is connected & vibrates at various frequencies, depending on their state of health.
Various studies have concluded that low level laser therapy – ​532 nm green laser (or other lasers with a different frequency) – can affect the physical properties of living cells.
Our Laser is mainly used by therapists for the following..
  • On acupuncture points
  • On acupressure points
  • Kinesiology – various energy clearing and on the navel for 20 minutes daily…· as it treats the blood circulating there..
Why a Green laser
Our Laser has a better design (with power regulation to prevent overheating) than most common key-ring type lasers. Heating is chaos and you don’t want chaos transferred into the body. Green was also shown to be the better all-round light colour to use for healing purposes – , In recent years lasers have been finding more applications in medicine. More and more therapists are now using Green laser therapy on their clients.
As our understanding of the body has advanced, we have learned that certain frequencies play very specific roles in growth and healing, and this is leading to a deeper appreciation of the potential of using light in medicine. For example, it was discovered in the 1970’s byFritz-Albert Popp (Popp, 1992) that DNA generates short quantized pulses of light called “biophotons,” which enable the DNA molecule to control other molecules in the cell. These pulses of light, which occur at many colors or frequencies, ranges from the ultraviolet down through the visible. The infrared and even into the microwave spectrum, are responsible for energizing life processes and enabling the molecules in the body to do their work.
It was concluded that the DNA molecule generates a range of frequencies, and each frequency relates to a specific biological process. Ukrainian scientist Sergei Sit’ko (Sit’ko, 1993, 1994) found that in a healthy body, each frequency should be present at a certain strength, and when a certain frequency is weak, it results in illness. He found that by restoring the strength of that specific frequency, he was able to correct many illnesses. He also found that these signals are carried in the acupuncture meridian system and appear to explain one of the ways in which system acts to regulate growth and healing in the body
While much of Sit’ko’s work is related to lower frequency radiation called “microwaves,” he showed that virtually all biological molecules vibrate and have certain components which carry charge, which in turn means they can be manipulated by electromagnetic waves of specific frequencies. In the case of an enzyme, for example, a light signal (biophoton) of a specific frequency may serve to activate it and “turn it on.”.”
In the same way, it has been discovered that light in the middle of the visible spectrum, in the green range around 532 nm (nanometers) wavelength, has a number of specific biological effects on red blood cells, and these effects may assist the body in the Following healing process:
  • Assist in wound healing – significantly improved blood flow and circulation, especially on platelets important in wound healing, & the red blood cells that help transport oxygen. At a site of injury or bruising, for example, the ability of the body to heal will depend upon the ability of blood to flow to and from the site. The more easily the red blood cells can move into and out of zones of injury, the faster and more easily will healing occur. Other injuries, such as bone and cartilage, often heal more slowly because of poor blood circulation in the area. Such injuries are often associated with chronic pain,
  • Healthier red blood cells – Red blood cells are healthier and stronger after green light irradiation as it appears to strengthen the membrane of the red blood cells, thereby increasing the red cell functionality means that the red blood cells can more efficiently carry out their tasks

Tri-Vortex Treated Laser

The treated laser creates coherence and has been shown to work over many years. Apart from the healing benefits from just using a green laser, you will receive the added benefit of the Tri-Vortex treated laser.
Tri-Vortex has been working with the scientific and healing properties of light, sound and geometry since 1989. Their deep commitment lies in finding ways to provide the world with alternative, non-pollutant and sustainable healthcare options. The research has lead to astounding findings and have major applications in the areas of proper cellular hydration, natural pain relief, improved health in humans and animals. These applications are not only green and Eco-friendly, but have benefited many thousands of people and animals. The Tri-Vortex products change the molecular structure of liquids from chaotic and disorganized, to structured and flowing. By A Process of Bio-Mimicry (copying geometry in nature), our Proprietary Equipment Imparts Natural Resonances Into Products And Materials.
Using Tri-Vortex Lasers correctly can create:
  • Cellular Cohesion – With benefits as described above
  • A more balanced energy state in the body
  • Reduction in levels of pain
“Tri-Votex items have been treated in a unique Tri-Vortex chamber for over 24 Hours. The treatment process is totally safe – mimicking nature’s powerful & logical Rhythms”
Side Note: I would personally use a Tri-Vortex treated Bangle and Pendant as it is active all the time. The laser is perfect if you are able to use it at least two to three times a day for a few minutes. You will find that your pain will lessen considerably after a few days of two to three sessions daily. It is advisable to wear your Tri-vortex pendant or bracelet all the time and make sure you structure your drinking water with one of our Water Disc’s

How it works

When you hold the Green Laser to the area of stress, your body begins to “resonate with the frequencies” in the laser. When the organs and systems of the body become attuned with the frequencies that are in the laser, the body can self-correct and return to a balanced state.
When Energy is out of balance, that’s when illness occurs. Stress is one of the culprits that can upset the natural balance and can have a lasting effect on the cells in our body.


Studies done with 532 nm green laser
Timimi (AlTimimi, 2011)
Research of Frohlich (Frohlich, 1968, 1983)
Fritz-Albert Popp (Popp, 1992)
(Study Standard, 2014)
(Weber, 2007)
The Green laser complies with all the standards of safety for this class of laser. We make no claim that this product is intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat, or diagnose disease or any medical condition. If you have any reason to believe you have a health problem, you should seek consultation from a medical doctor. Results may vary from person to person, based on the level of imbalance in the body.




What is Tri-Vortex

It’s a bio-mimicry process that imparts naturally optimized resonances into materials It is safe, green & natural with more than 20 years of developement

Tri-Vortex treatment process turn:

  • Ordinary items into unique & novel items
  • Take good products & make them great
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