Bracelet – Tapered

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Tapered Edge Stainless Steel Bracelet


Tapered Bracelet

High Grade Stainless steel braclelet with a tapered edge

Male and female seizes available until stock lasts

(Unisex – Available once old stock is depleted)

Improves Vitality & is beneficial for pain relief in hands, wrists, elbows & shoulders.The subtle energy fields of the Tri-Vortex treated bangle creates improved flow & balance resulting in pain relief & increased vitality.


You can wear the bangle on any wrist, preferable on the side where the most pain is experienced. In severe pain, a bangle can be worn on both wrists.

This Tri-Vortex Bracelet has been treated in a unique Tri-Vortex chamber for over 24 Hours. The treatment process is totally safe – mimicking nature’s powerful & logical Rhythms.

The resonances that you experience from the treated products, creates structure at molecular level which support well being and vitality.

Male & female Specs:

Tapered edge

  • Men’s Size – 8mm wide – wrist circ. 170-205mm
  • Ladies size- 8mm wide – wrist circ. 145-165mm

Ladies, Men's

2 reviews for Bracelet – Tapered

  1. Angie

    At first I was skeptical, but having used the wrist bands, pendant and water disc amongst the other Vitality products, I can honestly say I am amazed. I just feel more energized and my pain is less. I recommend the products wholeheartedly.To add, I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, so will recommend this to others who battle with side effects from cancer treatments or even just the effects of the debilitating disease.

  2. Desiree

    I suffer from neuritis in my right arm, for 2years with very little relief. I got the gift of this wonderful for pain relief without meds. I have been pain free since November 2018. Thank you for introducing this product to me.

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