The Cause of the Corona Virus

So everywhere you look, someone is saying something about the corona virus. We were fortunate enough to find this video that outs everything into perspective and what we can do to protect ourselves
Dr. Thomas Cowan, has some significant insight as to the cause of the virus. He hypothesizes that Coronavirus may be history repeating itself and caused by 5G. (Shot at the Health And Human Rights Summit in Tucson, Arizona on March 12, 2020). Dr. Cowan writes more about this topic here…

Apart from the fact that he explains why 5G is the probable cause of the outbreak, he also mentions something vitally important to the effect that G5 has on water. He says that G5 de-structures water! this is absolutely devastation on our health
As you know we place great emphasis on the re-structuring of water and the impact structured water has on all living organisms at cellular level. I cannot stress enough the importance of protecting yourself against Electromagnetic Frequencies as well as to ensure you are properly hydrated!

How to use Tri-Vortex to protect yourself

  1. Drink enough water (approximately 1.5L of water for every 50kg of body weight
  2. Structure your drinking water for optimal hydration at cellular level with one of our Tri-Vortex water discs
  3. Wear a Tri-Vortex bracelet as well as one of the Tri-Vortex pendants
  4. Place a Tri-Vortex Cell phone disc at the back of your cell phone and tablet

Short video explaining the cause and origin of Corona virus

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